Types of Paracord Fobs


If you are an existing fan of Paracord products or new to the product line, Paracord Fobs are the latest hot selling Paracord products. The Paracord Fob is a cool accessory to enhance your fashion style and your daily living and is available in a variety of styles and colors. Like all other Paracord products, Paracord Fobs can be your lifeline if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Each Paracord product can be unravelled to expose a strong, durable cord that could be useful should a rope be needed if case of an emergency. Lost your dock line to secure your boat or shallow anchor – the Paracord Fob has it covered. Need a rope to secure a load in your car or pick-up – Paracord gear is always available and won’t make you stop for coffee after the job’s done!

Paracord Bracelets and Gear have been increasing in popularity over the last few years as consumers worldwide realize the benefits, fashionability and functionality of Paracord products. The Paracord was originally designed by the U.S. military to be used as the suspension lines/cords for U.S. parachutes and has been recognized for its versatility and multitude of uses by military personnel and individual consumers like you.

The cord used in authentic Paracord shop merchandise is categorized as 550 Cord and is  1/8th inch in diameter. It is comprised of a 32 strand woven nylon sheath that covers an inner layer of 7 – 2 ply nylon yarn. In addition, all Paracord products are manufactured using “Type III’ cord with a minimum breaking strength of 550 Pounds. Each Paracord product is comprised of several feet of rope that can be easily accessed and utilized should an emergency situation arise that would require a strong rope. Paracord Fobs are manufactured using the same specifications and could be a lifesaver if you find yourself in trouble; simply unravel your Paracord Fob and you have a super strong rope ready to use.

In addition to the ever popular classic light and heavy duty Paracord bracelets and Quick Deployment Survival gear, Paracord Fobs are a must-have accessory for the Paracord enthusiast.


Paracord Key Fob

This handy personal accessory is a great way to keep track of your car or house keys. Like all the other Paracord products, it is made of 550 cord and available in a variety of colors. The Paracord Key Fob comes in three sizes to suit your individual needs: small, medium and large. You can personalize your Paracord Key Fob by choosing your favourite color for the inside and edge color and select the key attachment of your choice including an O Ring, standard key ring, swivel clip with or without detachable rings.


Quick Deploy Key Fob

Quick Deployment Paracord Fob 1This handy Paracord Fob has all the stylish features as the regular Paracord Key Fob but has the capability to deploy quicker if you are caught in an urgent emergency situation.




Secret Compartment Fob

This is another useful Paracord Fob product and you will be amazed at the multitude of uses for the Secret Compartment Fob. It is specially designed to conceal small items such as your keychain, money (paper and coin), small weapons (where legal), and various other small objects. For serious allergy sufferers, the larger size can accommodate your emergency EPI pen depending on the size of your device. The Secret Compartment Fob is available in various colors and sizes and key attachments for your individual needs.


DNA Key Fob

Impress your friends with this trendy and fun Paracord Fob designed to resemble DNA Strands. The colored strands are intertwined to look like DNA: a great gift for the science buff on your gift list. Like all Paracord products, the DNA Key Fob has the strength and capability to provide you with a strong cord in case of emergency. It is available in a multitude of colors and various key attachment devices.


DragonFly Key Fob

This Paracord Fob is just super stylish and plain fun! It is made of 550 cord in a dragonfly shape and unravels to provide you with a strong cord should the situation arise. It is available in different colors and you can order the key attachment of your choice.




Paracord Fobs are available in an array of popular styles and designs to suit even the most discriminating consumers. They are bright, useful and fun to wear and have the added secondary benefit of a lifesaving dependable rope.

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